about this site: musicmakers-online.com is an international database for musicians-instrumentalists, vocalists, conductors, composers, sound engineers and music teachers looking for employment (temporary or permanent) and also wishing to expand their circle of contacts.

If you are the director of a symphony orchestra and you need, for example, a violinist, perhaps you will find him/her on this site. If you are a jazz composer and you need a session trombonist for the duration of a cd recording, you might also find him/her on this site. Perhaps you are looking for a few people who would like to collaborate with you. If you are the head of a concert agency and want to find a classical pianist, you can also look on musicmakers-online.com. The site has an internal search engine ('search in database') which allows you to find the required person that fits your criteria. Anybody can make a search, and it is free of charge. If you want to look at the whole database, visit the section 'members list'.

Apart from this, you can join the musicmakers-online.com community and place your own details on the database. We see the members of community as professionals and students who are making a career in the music world. Anyone who has paid to do so, can put their information on the database.

Every member of our community gets the opportunity to create their own personal presentation within the framework of the site, with a description of their musical education, the history of their musical activity, ability to go and work outside of the limits of where they live or their country of residence, contact details and so forth. Obviously, an important feature of musicmakers-online.com is the ability to give, as part of your personal presentation, examples of your own performances, compositions, conducting or sound engineering skill: you can add up to 5 sound files with a maximum volume of 5 Mb each to your presentation. The page with your personal presentation has a permanent URL, so you can add links to it in e-mails addressed to colleagues and potential employers.

You can edit information about yourself, add, delete, change photograph or sound files at any time. As well as this you switch your presentation to invisible mode, if, for example, you to take a break from establishing new contacts. You can see an example of a personal presentation here.

The interface for the creation and editing of your personal presentation looks like this.

Your personal presentation on musicmakers-online.com can be considered in some ways as your alternative home page, with the difference that from the outset it has been integrated into a carefully structured system for preserving and finding information about music professionals who wish to collaborate.

It is also worth remembering that, without any additional charge, members of our community are also able, to publish private advertisements for musicians required in the 'wanted' area of the site.

The cost for subscription to the musicmakers-online.com community is € 12,- per year. If you decide to create a personal presentation on our site, you can begin the registration procedure in the area 'to join'. You will be allocated a member ID and sent an e-mail with instructions about payment. We will give you access to the interface for creating and editing your personal presentation after confirmation of payment by PayPal.

Attention! For musicians-instrumentalists or teachers of an instrument. If the instrument which you play or are teaching how to play is not on this list, please inform us by writing to us at the address info@musicmakers-online.com - and our programmer will add your instrument to the list. Do this before you register as a participant in the musicmakers-online.com online community.

We hope that we can help you to obtain new professional contacts and we would be glad if you shared with us your experiences of working with our site.

Important: before you begin to use our site, visit, if you have not done so already, the disclaimer page.

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